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Real-Time Video Monitoring

We Watch Your Security Cameras For You.

Proactively Deter Crime & Secure your Property

Real-Time Video Monitoring

Security Cameras Without Real-Time Video Monitoring Only Show Crimes That Have Already Happened.

At night when your family is sleeping, when you are out for dinner or when you are away for vacation, STS Security will watch your cameras 24/7, 365 days a year, and provide deterrence and assistance in case of a criminal event.

Prices start at $20 x camera.x month.

Video monitoring Costa Rica

Ready to connect your cameras to
Real-Time Video Monitoring?

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In most cases, we can connect your cameras remotely without visiting your home.

Security Costa Rica

We protect in Real-Time

We don’t wait for alarms

Our professional operators constantly monitor live feeds from critical areas of your property to prevent crime before it happens. When an unwanted trespasser is detected, we use two-way speakers to dissuade. Typically, the delinquents will run off.

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Security Costa Rica

For 15 years, trusted by Costa Rica’s leading...

Property developers

Property management

Business owners


Condominium owners

Hotel owners

Airbnb owners

Security Costa Rica

Key Benefit of Real-Time Video Monitoring

Provide Deterrence

Never Sleeps - 24/7, 365 days a year

Saves money, a fraction of the cost of having a security guard

Covers many areas simultaneously

Cannot be intimidated

Eliminate salaries, uniforms, and other expenses

Flexible remote-management

Choose your schedule

We provide a flexible schedule for Real-Time Video Monitoring

Want your property monitored only at night? No problem. We provide flexible schedule choices to fit your budget. 24/7, 12hs per night, weekends service, join one of our plans and benefit from real-time video monitoring and assistance from professional security operators and supervisors.

Security Costa Rica
Security Costa Rica
Security Costa Rica

You already have a security camera system?

Perfect, we can monitor it!

You don’t need to buy a new system to connect to our Real-Time Video Monitoring service. We support all the leading camera brands, 434 brand manufacturers and systems, and over 10,000 devices. If by rare chance, your camera is not supported, we can deploy a router that would connect to our camera monitoring center for a low cost.

Security Costa Rica

Monitoring your security cameras 24/7

By monitoring your security cameras 24/7, we detect, dissuade and prevent crime before it happens. Using the latest technology of Two Way speakers and remote-controlled sirens, we prevent 97% of crimes.

Ready to put STS Real-Time Video Monitoring to work for you?

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Security Costa Rica

Providing you with tailor-made security systems designed to fit your needs and budget


Security Cameras

Security Cameras
Real-Time Video Monitoring

Secure: Deter crime before it happens

Fast: Easy and fast access to video footage in real-time

Fast response: Allow for assistance in real-time and catch criminals in the act.

Prevents loss.

24/7 Security System Health Check. You know if your cameras are on.

Technical Service is available to adjust and fix any technical issue.

Cloud Backup; is always accessible and cannot be stolen or corrupted.

Eliminate false alarms 100%.

Multilayered Service: you benefit from an extra layer of protection.

Security Cameras
Real-Time Video Monitoring

Only allow to see what happened after the event took place

Complicated and timely process to find the time and date of the event.

No response; criminals get away, lessons are learned after the event has already finished, and property is lost.

Does not prevent loss.

You don’t know if your cameras are working until you check them.

Need to call for support once you detect that a camera is not working.

Local Backup - can be stolen or corrupted.

Prone to false alarms.

One Layered service. If you don’t see the alarm on your app, you don’t know that you are being broken into.

You will benefit from State of the Art security technology for a low monthly fee.

We use the latest AI-powered video monitoring software to detect and deter all suspicious activity.
line crossings, loitering, security camera tampering, PTZ tracking and tour, system health issues, face recognition, license plates recognition, gender and age recognition, recognition of objects, detection of abandoned or missing items, absence or presence of medical masks or safety gear, counting of visitors and passengers, floor plans, integration with access control systems.
Security Costa Rica

We innovate


Trespassers don’t like to be watched and talked to while they try to break in. With the two-way speaker, 120db strong, we dissuade criminals before or during the crime by letting them know they are being watched and recorded and motorized response and police are on their way. This helps prevent 97% of crimes.

If you don’t have a security camera system, we are happy to install one for you

We can provide you with your Security Cameras system designs, installs, services, and live-monitoring security solutions across Costa Rica.

We have a best-in-class professional team of engineers, technicians, and installers, assuring your experience will be seamless and easy. Our tech team is trained in-house. All team members have worked with us for years and are talented and reliable.

Security Costa Rica

Get in touch with our security professionals and let us know you need a quote for an alarm system. We will be happy to outfit your property with the best solution.

More reasons why you need to consider signing up for Real-Time Video Monitoring

Mitigate Risk

Real-Time Video Monitoring Reduces the Risk of being a victim of theft, assault, or vandalism.

Reduce Expenses

Less repairs, less replacement, less waste, less property damage.

Increase Profitability

Spend less time dealing with losses and have more time for your operations.

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Ready to make the switch?

For a low price of $20 per camera x month, your cameras can be monitored 24/7

Contact one of our security professionals today and connect to our Real-Time Video Monitoring Service