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SALTO ProAccess SPACE software – Basic Package

Web-based software, Easy to install, Gain efficiency with web-based software, Mobile access control, User-centred interface, Building on 40,000+ installations, Different Packages

Category: XS4 Software

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Product description


SALTO’s ProAccess SPACE web-based software brings a new level of powerful flexibility to access control so that users can order the functionalities that they most need and upgrade accordingly as a system and needs grow. And in addition to the abundance of important new functionalities, SPACE also has a modern interface that is more user-friendly to help users find and operate the functions they want to use as quickly and intuitively as possible.

  • Easy to install
  • Gain efficiency with web-based software
  • Mobile access control that brings convenience and security
  • User-centred interface makes it simple and secure
  • Building on 40,000+ installations
  • Different Packages
  • Migration to ProAccess SPACE


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