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Salto Wall Reader WRD90E4BY

The revolutionary design of the Clay Wall Reader in combination with the Control Unit, which is fully wireless, allows to optimize access control in those doors in which you can?t install a Clay doorlock or cylinder. For example, fences, lifts, barriers and so on. Both the Clay Wall Reader and the Control Unit come in two different colours to best fit your building design.

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Product description

Fully weatherproof Clay Wall Reader has an IP66 rating, so whether dust or rain, performance is not affected. In the case of the Clay Control Unit, it endures environmental conditions between -20ºC to 80ºC. Wireless As with all the components in a Clay installation the Clay Control Unit is fully wireless, which comes with a Clay power adapter. Simply plug this into the power. The Clay Wall Reader is connected to the CU through a standard UTP. Activation Code To make sure that it’s you who is adding a Clay Wall Reader, you enter its MAC code in My-Clay.com. Clay sends you an SMS and when that matches, the Clay Wall Reader and the Clay Control Unit is connected to your account indefinitely. LED The Clay Wall Reader includes a dual colour LED (green/red) to indicate access authorization. This means that besides through My-Clay messaging, there will also be a visual notification on the device itself that will inform about access or rejected ClayTag.