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Access Control

Salto Systems in Costa Rica

SALTO is the global leader in next-generation access control solutions for hotels, private homes, schools, and universities.

STS has been installing Salto Systems for over a decade

We are the first integrators of Salto Systems in Costa Rica

We have installed Salto Locks in large residential complexes, hotels, Airbnb, vacation rentals, private luxury homes, offices, storage areas, and commercial centers. Whichever access application you need, our technicians will fit you with the proper access control solution.

Security Costa Rica

We guarantee the lowest price for Salto Electronic Locks

You will receive the best price for your Salto System Locks, this is a guarantee. We will match any equivalent offer, equipment, and software, and give you an extra 5% discount. This is a guarantee that you will always receive the best possible price.


Unparalleled SecuritySafety

Security Costa Rica

Put your mind at ease. SALTO System electronic locks give security assurance to everyone on site while also safeguarding assets and equipment.


SALTO collects data on actual visitor and employee mobility patterns, giving important insight for more intelligent security policies and improved overall access flow.

Intelligent Control

Locking modes controlled by admin privileges, as well as room and door status monitoring, enable complete control over who may access what, when, and where and provide real-time audit trails to assist managers in identifying security issues.

Safety integrations quickly and easily

SALTO SYSTEMS electronic locks solutions interface with CCTV, fire alarm, time and attendance, and other systems to give comprehensive security administration from a single platform.

  Industries .

Choose your industry or property type and explore the best solution for your security needs.

Property Management

Private Home

Hotel / Lodge

Vacation Rental / Airbnb



Hospitals / Clinics

Shopping Center



Self Storage

Parking Lots


Gas Station

Car Dealership

Rental Car Companies

Hear from trusted clients

full control

Control your doors from anywhere in the world.

Fully programmable access, schedule based on dates and hours.

Control who comes in and out and when.


Flexibility & Scalability

Salto Systems provides a solution for any type of door.

Complete hardware and software platform, which fits virtually any door and access point and suits all vertical markets.

Access/door type:

  • Wooden
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Glass with Aluminum Frame
  • Emergency Doors
  • Lockers and drawers
  • Keypad
  • Automatic Doors
  • Elevators
  • Automatic Gates

Security Costa Rica

What a world of difference it is to have Salto Systems locks on all the properties under our management. We literally said goodbye to mechanical keys. Our property management company has 14 homes in Manuel Antonio; last year we installed Salto KS on all the doors. Now from a single interface, we can manage all our properties. Cleaning and maintenance staff have set schedules, our guests never have a problem entering one of our properties (we have electronic keys sent to them before arrival) we can open and close doors remotely, and see if a door was left open by accident, this adds a layer of security. If a card is lost, we can immediately delete it and don’t need to rekey or worry about the security of the property. What a game changer,

In combination with STS Real-Time Video Monitoring, our guests have never been safer or more secure.

Michael D.

Michael D.


Mechanical key management is expensive, insecure, and inconvenient.

The upfront expenses of changing master keys, drilling out locks, and upgrading all impacted users' keys, as well as secondary costs such as maintenance crew productivity, can be significant.

Security Costa Rica
Security Costa Rica

Design and planning

We will work to provide the best solution for you.

STS will work with you on providing the most efficient access control system design, choosing the right door lock for you, designing your electronic locks network, and choosing the right software.


Our Salto Systems lock installers are certified by Salto System.

Our team has worked for years with any type of door and application. We provide high-quality craftsmanship and finishing using the best machines available for mortise locks installation. Our work has a 6-month guarantee for installation and one year for factory defects.

Security Costa Rica
Security Costa Rica


Combine beauty and technology

Salto Locks is an excellent choice for any hotel owner, property manager, or homeowner that wants to have beautifully looking electronic locks, combined with the latest technology in Access Control Systems

Security Costa Rica

What are Salto Systems' key benefits?

Smart, keyless, and digital access for visitors and personnel. Enhanced visitor experiences through streamlined check-in/check-out.

Electronic Lock designs that are one-of-a-kind and easy to install, with entirely adjustable choices that suit your property's aesthetic.

Improved security through increased automation and process optimization from the guest room to the back-of-house, resulting in numerous staff hours saved weekly.

In-room, check-in, PMS, guest applications, and entire building management systems are integrated into one easy-to-use interface.

Application for Airbnb and Vacation Rentals, Private Homes, and large-scale projects.

Security Costa Rica

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Salto Locks


Other brands

Salto Locks

Durability and low ownership cost: Salto Systems locks are built for the harsh environment in Costa Rica. They come with IP67 - can handle salt, humidity, and heat, and last for years, with no need to replace them.

Secure: Salto uses AES128. Advanced Encryption Standard, makes the keys impossible to clone.

Ease of use. Salto Systems interfaces are intuitive and easy to use.

Long-lasting batteries with up to 2 years without needing to change batteries.

Slick designs. Salto’s Mylock platform allows you to custom design your lock and choose the colors, readers, and handles that best fit your property.

Unlimited scalability, from private homes to airports and universities, Salto Systems has a solution for every type of application.

Electronic Lock Solution to any type of door or access point. From regular doors to gates, automated entrances, lockers, and elevators. Salto Systems locks have no limits.

Other brands

Short life cycle and high ownership cost Less expensive manufacturers use cheaper components that do not last long in harsh conditions. Owners need to replace locks every few years. Increment ownership cost.

Keys, cards, and tags can be cloned or copied.

Complex software and hardware.

Need to change batteries every 6 months.

Limited design options

Limited options.

Limited models of doors and locks, do not allow control of any type of door.

More Reasons to choose Salto


Salto Systems electronic locks come with hardware that is upgradeable, in the future you can always add components to the locks instead of having to replace the whole lock. This helps you make sure you always have the best available access control system without having to replace your hardware every few years.


Salto continuously work on innovating and upgrading their electronic locks. By having Salto locks, you will benefit from regular software updates.

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