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Security services for Car Dealerships

Protect your vehicles and administrative areas and reduce your car dealership operating costs.

Specialised security packages for Car Dealerships

You have many expensive assets to protect, indoors and out. There is risk in open display in the lots, and with easy access to car keys during test drives, the garage area and showrooms are also vulnerable.  

Fortunately, we offer Car Dealership security that is as cost-effective as it is comprehensive. STS can help protect your car dealership with live monitoring, voice down and alarm technology, remote video feeds, and state-of-the-art IP camera technology. Our combination of flexible hardware options and 24/7 remote Real-Time Video Monitoring implements round-the-clock coverage fast.

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STS security service package for Car Dealerships includes:

  • Real-Time Video Monitoringwe all areas of your car dealership 24/7. With specific AI analytics that detects any suspicious activity. 
  • Access Control system with Salto Systems. 
  • CrSafe Personal Emergency Application provides your collaborators with an emergency button feature on their SmartPhone app. 
  • Smart Security in case you need remote security management. 
  • Integrate 2-way-speakers so we can communicate and dissuade potential trespassers before they steal. 
  • High-Definition security cameras to cover all areas of your car dealership. 
  • Install fire and security alarm systems. 
  • Motorized supervision. Dispatch motorized supervisor in case of suspicious activity and emergencies. 
  • Management Application for Employees.

Our professional monitoring operators can act on suspicious activity and assist in real time.

Industry Solutions

Key Benefits

  • Automate your security operations and save money. Reduce security guard hours.
  • Prevent theft and vandalism on your car lot. 
  • Minimize customer claims and liability. 
  • Monitor your car lots and detect risk before it turns into the theft. 
  • Have all areas of your administrative areas monitored with Real-Time Video Monitoring 24/7. 
  • Get rid of keys, control all accesses, cloud-based software to change schedules, and assign and delete permissions. Know exactly who is coming in and out and when. 
  • Observe staff and employees at your business. 
  • Protect all assets. 
  • Early fire detection. 
  • Protect your perimeter. Have the perimeter of your car dealership covered by security cameras and monitored. 
  • Response service. In case of suspicious activity, we will notify you and dispatch the public police force. We will dispatch our supervisor in areas where a motorized response is available. 

We are happy to provide estimates for the properties you manage

please contact us, and one of our associates will get in touch with you shortly.
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Prepare for the Security of the future

What can you do today to better prepare for the security of the future?

At STS, we focus on innovation and bringing you the best available security solutions. By modernizing your security operations, you are preparing your businesses for the future of security, where everything that can be automated is automated, data is gathered, secured on the cloud, and available in real-time, electronic security equipment works seamlessly with security personnel, and you have complete control of all security related information so you can make the best decision and save the most money.

Our packages

Old Security paradigm Vs. New Security Paradigm

It's time to move to new security

Security Costa Rica
Security Costa Rica

The old security paradigm was heavily based on security guards using pen and paper, an antiquated form of providing security. Security guards alone are only able to provide two eyes and their memory when it comes to reporting security incidents. 

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STS provides you with a multilayered security service:

  • Monitoring Operators provide, Real-Time monitoring of all electronic security devices, such as cameras, intercom, automated gates, access control systems, and personal security applications. 
  • All stakeholders have the CrSafe Personal Security Application on their smartphones. 
  • Security guards with the latest in reporting technology.
  • Motorized Supervisors are available on call to provide first response. 
  • Technicians and installers make sure your electronic security equipment is operating. 
  • The Operation Management team supervises and liaison with you to oversee your contract.
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What you can expect when working with STS Security

We will provide a dedicated electronic security and monitoring package to protect your car dealership.

  • Site visit and security plan that includes electronic security and physical security. 
  • Dynamic security schedule to fit your property-specific security needs.
  • On-going technical support.
  • On-going managerial support. 
  • Good communication with our team. 
  • Implementation plan for electronic security: If you already have systems in place, we can plug them into our monitoring service or provide you with electronic security equipment.
  • We have financing plans available In case you need to purchase new electronic security equipment or upgrade current systems. 
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