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Security for Private Homes in Costa Rica

Secure your home and protect your family.

Eliminate Theft, Break-ins, and Crime

Provide better Security for your family

Are you wondering how you can better protect your family?

STS provides security packages for homeowners, including:

Security Costa Rica

Save money and improve your security

We protect your property when you are out or asleep.

With Real-Time Video Monitoring, we watch your property according to your schedule. For example, if you want us to monitor your gate and perimeter only during night time, no problem, we can provide you that service, and you don’t need to pay for 24hs Real-Time Video Monitoring. If you are going on a vacation and want us to protect your home while you are gone, we provide Real-Time Video Monitoring for weekends and per week.

When we sleep at night or out for dinner, STS is watching our gate and perimeter. We had a few times when suspicious individuals approached our gate, and STS Monitoring Operators used the two-way speaker we installed at the entrance to communicate with the trespassers and dissuade them. I can’t recommend the service enough. Anyone with a house in Costa Rica with security cameras need to connect to STS’s Real Time Video Monitoring service.

Maria A.

Maria A.

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Industry Solutions

Key Benefits

Tailored security packages for homeowners, STS offers a dynamic security service package to provide you with the best security solution. 

  • We watch your property with Real-Time Video Monitoring for your security cameras. 
  • Your family will be secure all the time and everywhere. CrSafe Personal Security App. connecting all owners with a panic button application. 
  • Control your gate. Gate automation. 
  • Control all entrances to your house. Cloud-based Access Control to all your doors so you can control who is coming in and who is coming out. Open doors remotely and have schedules for your property for cleaning and maintenance employees. 
  • Benefit from high-definition video footage. Installation and service for High-Definition Security Cameras.
  • You are protected with an alarm system. Your home will have alarm systems connected to our monitoring center. 
  • Communicate with guests at your door or gate via Intercom. 
  • Get help in case of emergency. Motorized response service is available in selected areas for emergency response. 
  • Your equipment will always be on. A team of technicians ensures all electronic equipment is up and running. Any failure is monitored and reported, and service is scheduled. 

We can connect you to Real-Time Video Monitoring if you already have security cameras. We can connect with over 400 brands.

Security Solutions

Possible Scenarios

For example, let's say you have a house that has a fence line and a gate, and cameras on your perimeter. We will connect your perimeter security cameras to our Real-Time Video Monitoring service and monitor your cameras according to an agreed schedule. In case of suspicious activity, we will alert you. We can also install a Two-Way 120db speaker on your gate that will enable us to communicate in case of suspicious activity and dissuade trespassers. If your home is located in an area with a motorized response, we will send a supervisor as a first response. Your family members will have our CrSafe app with a panic button on their smartphones, and every family member can activate it. Our monitoring center will react to the activation signal and assist you.

We protect your property through camera monitoring and alarm monitoring.

Each member of your family is connected to our monitoring center through the CrSafe app.

By incorporating Real-Time Video Monitoring, you get better security for your property and most importantly crime prevention.

Have Motorized Response service where it is available.

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Let us know your specific security needs, and we will be happy to provide you with a plan and an estimate that considers your priorities.

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Security Costa Rica

STS provides you with a multilayered security service:

  • Monitoring Operators provide Real-Time monitoring of your security cameras and alarm system. 
  • Motorized Supervisors provide you with first responders in case of emergency. 
  • Technicians provide maintenance service. 
  • The Operation Management team provides oversight.
Security Costa Rica

What you can expect when working with STS Security

As a Home Owner in Costa Rica, we will provide you with security plans that, first and foremost, look to optimize your home security.

  • Site visit and security plan that includes electronic security estimate. 
  • Dynamic security schedule to fit your property-specific security needs.
  • On-going technical support.
  • On-going managerial support. 
  • Good communication with our team. 
  • Implementation plan for electronic security.  If you already have systems in place, we can plug in to your existing systems or provide you with new electronic security equipment.
  • We have financing plans available if you need to purchase new electronic security equipment or upgrade current systems.
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