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Security for clinics and hospitals in Costa Rica

Meeting the Security Needs of Hospitals and Clinics.

Provide a safe environment for your patients, doctors, nurses, and administrative personnel

Healthcare facilities present unique security challenges. While they must offer a welcoming environment – often 24/7 – for a constantly changing user base, back-of-house and staff-only areas need tight control to protect patients, staff, volunteers, visitors, and suppliers.

Specific areas ­- operating theatres, consulting rooms, pharmacies, laboratories, drug cabinets, and surgical wards – have different security and accessibility needs. As well as doors, lockers, cabinets, carts, and special medical equipment need security. 

STS  Smart Security solutions combine the security, protection, and flexibility that healthcare facilities need with access control solutions to all gates, elevators, entrances, doors, and cabinets. 

Security is a top priority for hospitals and clinics today.  By balancing security with accessibility and advanced technology with affordability, STS  delivers security services that exceed the needs of hospitals and clinics in Costa Rica. 

Security services for hospitals and clinics in Costa Rica include:

  • Access control – STS integrates Salto Systems to automate and control all accesses in your facilities. Electronic door locks for hospitals help you manage precisely who can enter, when, and where they can go. 
  • Real-Time Video Monitoring, we monitor your cameras in real-time, providing valuable coverage and prevention of all areas of your hospital and clinic. 
  • 2-way-speakers communicate and dissuade in potentially dangerous and adverse situations. 
  • Fire and Security Alarm Monitoring
  • CrSafe Security Application provides your staff a way to report emergencies and any other incident in real time. 
  • Supervisors provide routine support and assistance in emergencies.
Security Costa Rica
Industry Solutions

Key Benefits

Better overall security, control, and management of your hospital and clinic resources

  • Save money. with Smart Security and Real-Time Video Monitoring. Significantly reduce costs by reducing security guard hours. 
  • More secure. Have all the areas of your facility covered with security cameras and monitored by us with Real-Time Video Monitoring.  Upgrade your security. 
  • Antimicrobial silver ion technology in construction contributes to a more hygienic environment.
  • Hygienic, no-touch, contactless, keyless access, and antimicrobial surfaces. 
  • Granular-Level Control. Give critical employees 24/7 access while limiting common area access hours, securing sensitive areas such as maternity wards and intensive care units, protecting assets and data, and securing supplies.
  • Contagion control. Restrict and control access to contagious disease areas. Manage critical patient movement flows and track contagion chains.
  • Microbe protection. Provide a cleaner, safer, and more hygienic environment for staff, visitors, and patients. BioCote® antimicrobial silver ion finishes help eliminate up to 99.99% of microbes on access surfaces.
  • All data of your facility will be available in real-time and centralized. We have your back. No more having to wait or look for missing critical information.
  • Have all your maintenance and service needs managed by one company. Instead of working with multiple providers for Security Camera Maintenance, Security Guard Service, and Access Control maintenance, you can centralize all services in one place and reduce the time you need to manage providers.

We are happy to provide estimates for the properties you manage

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Hospitals and Clinics

Save money and improve your security.

Security service-related expenses are among the highest budget lines.

We only have security guards in positions and shifts that are a must, based on risk analysis that includes schedule, foot and vehicle traffic, and operational needs.

Having fewer manhours and more electronic security equipment means we pay less in salaries to security guards and thus make your service more affordable.

How much can you save? Up to 70% on your regular security guards rate. Imagine reducing your security budget and benefitting from better security for a fraction of the cost.

Security Costa Rica

Greater Flexibility and support for future growth.

STS offers a dynamic security service package to optimize your security operations.

STS provides flexible security services that include the following elements: 

  • Automation of gates and main entrances. 
    • Automated gates.
    • Remote opening with RFID tags for hotel employees. 
    • Remote opening and closing through our professional monitoring center. 
  • Access Control to all accesses, doors, elevators, automated sliding doors, emergency doors, gates, and lockers. 
  • Real-Time Video Monitoring for security cameras – cameras are monitored in real-time, and any suspicious activity is acted upon. High-Definition Security Cameras. 
  • Personal Security App. supplying all staff with a panic button application. 
  • Intercom. Connected to our professional monitoring center.
  • Two-Way speakers. 
  • Security Guards. Connected with smartphones to a cloud-based reporting system.
  • Motorized response service is available for emergencies. 
  • A team of technicians ensures all electronic equipment is up and running. 
  • Professional monitoring operators are on 24/7 to provide you assistance.

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Security Costa Rica

Prepare your facility for the future of security

What can you do today to better prepare for the future of security?

At STS, we focus on innovation and bringing you the best available security solutions. By modernizing your facility operations, you are preparing for the future of security, where everything that can be automated is automated, data is gathered, secured on the cloud, and available in real-time, electronic security equipment works seamlessly with security personnel, and you have complete control of all security related information so you can make the best decision and save money.

Our packages

Old Security paradigm Vs. New Security Paradigm.

You don't depend only on your security guards to report to you

The old security paradigm relied heavily on security guards, using pen and paper. It’s an old-fashioned form of providing security. Security guards alone are only able to provide two eyes and their memory when it comes to reporting security incidents.

Security Costa Rica
Security Costa Rica

STS provides a multilayered security service for your hospital and clinic:

  • Monitoring Operators provide Real-Time monitoring of all electronic security devices, such as cameras, intercoms, automated gates, access control systems, and personal security applications. 
  • Security guards with the latest reporting technology using SmartPhones and dedicated security apps.
  • Motorized Supervisors are available on call to provide the first response. 
  • Technicians and installers make sure your electronic security equipment is operating. 
  • The Operation Management team supervises and liaises with you to oversee your contract.
Security Costa Rica

What you can expect when working with STS Security

We will provide all your facility security plans that, first and foremost, look to optimize your security operations, improve on what you have, and reduce costs for you.

  • Site visit and security plan that includes electronic security and physical security. 
  • Dynamic security schedule to fit your property-specific security needs.
  • On-going technical support.
  • On-going managerial support. 
  • Good communication with our team. 
  • Implementation plan for electronic security: If you already have systems, we can plug into your existing equipment or provide you with new electronic security equipment.
  • In case you need to purchase new electronic security equipment or upgrade current systems, we have financing plans.
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