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Security Guards

Security Guards Costa Rica

Professional Security Guards. Transparent security management.

Multilayered approach
to security

You will benefit from our multilayered approach to providing security.

This approach guarantees you a security service quality second to none. It also assures you that there is always going to be a professional member of our team to respond to any event.

Security guards

Security guards are the first line providing security to your property.

Surveillance Cameras

Real-Time Video Monitoring. We use surveillance cameras to provide the second line of security. Security cameras are monitored in real time by our professional monitoring operators.

Motorized Supervisors

Motorized security supervisors provide the third line of security. In case of emergency, we dispatch a motorized supervisor. Our supervisors also provide daily routine security visits.

Operational Managers

Operational managers are always available as a fourth line of security. In need to talk to higher-ups? our management is always available to resolve any issue.

Security Costa Rica
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We did not know what we did not know

Trust and Transparency

For 15 years, we have provided reliable security services throughout Costa Rica. We work with high-end clientele, large residential neighborhoods, luxury private homes, Free Trade Zone companies, hotels, and restaurants.

When we take on a security contract, theft, robbery, or personnel issues, end, you will benefit from our culture and approach to security operations management, guided by our tried-and-true formula that has been developed over many years.

Security Costa Rica

Securing the future of our clients success

Security Costa Rica

What is it like to be our security client?

When you sign a security contract with us, our management team will do a site visit and provide you with a complete list of items that should be considered. Together with you, we will create a security manual for your property that we use to train our supervisors and guards. The manual includes security-related details, including security recommendations, tasks and vulnerabilities, tours and rounds that guards need to do, and any other procedures you’d like our security guards to accomplish.

We will also suggest security-related modifications or upgrades that we think you should consider. This includes structural security as well as electronic security, and security procedures.

We strongly suggest hiring our physical security and our Real-Time Video Monitoring service. This allows us to provide you with better coverage and supervision of your property.

Security Costa Rica

Security Service that is Tailored to your needs

Each security mission is different, each property is different. We understand that.

You can expect us to provide you with an individually tailored solution that will include all our 15 years of experience and all the elements we work with, from human resources to software to electronic security equipment.

We make sure you receive the best solution for you.

Guard Tour Reporting Software

In addition, our guards use an electronic reporting system that reports in real-time to our monitoring center. Every guard is being supervised in real-time. Their shift tasks are logged, and any emergency or delay is reported and forwarded to our client's personnel.

This means that you will have full access to what the security guards are doing all the time. Property-specific tasks and protocols are included, this allows you and us to adjust service on the go.

Our software has Geo-fencing, route programming, and Video, Photos, and Audio reports capabilities; our guards have a mobile emergency button for better protection.

Security Costa Rica
Security Costa Rica

Know what Security is doing.

Get Reliable information in Real Time.

When our security guards do their rounds, they don’t just mark a point on their way. Each security guard has specific routes and protocols they need to fulfill, each marking point is logged in our cloud-based software that our monitoring operators supervise. When a door is left open, a car is parked in the wrong space, a window is open, or any other irregularities, our security guards take photos and videos and fill digital reports that are sent to our monitoring center as well as to our clients. This creates a historical trail of their work and provides valuable reports. Maintenance staff is notified about maintenance-related issues, management knows what security is doing, and clients can access these reports online.

Contract Compliance

Systems that guarantee service quality

Training is everything

We make sure our security guards know their job.

From day one, we have focused on providing our security guards with the best training. This means that you can expect to work with professionals. Our guards are amicable, pleasant, and know how to treat customers. In addition, they work according to specific security protocols to ensure all critical assignments are taken care of.

Security guards go through extensive training, including customer service courses, first aid courses, and introductory police courses.

Security Costa Rica
Security Costa Rica

Supervisor and Motorized Response

We have an excellent team of supervisors. Reliable, responsible, and friendly. You can expect professional attention and a fast reaction.

The supervisor's job is to provide support and assistance to our security guards, as well as conduct routine checks on our security posts.

You can expect constant supervision and excellent communication with our supervisor's team.

Our supervision team goes through an 80 hours course that covers the following areas:

  • Security leadership and management.
  • Training guards on posts.
  • Handling emergency situation Emergency driving skills.
  • Working with Police / OIJ / Fire Fighters.
  • Advanced Self Defence Skills.
  • Procedures and regulations.

More reasons to choose our Security Guard Service.


When you join the STS family, you will benefit from a loyal group of individuals with vast experience providing security service in Costa Rica.


With STS, your property is secured. Our security guards have worked with us for years, not days, and this level of familiarity, on top of our professional approach, makes our clients feel secure.


Our monitoring center is open 24/7, 365 days a year. you will always have who to talk to.

0 incidents

We have 0 tolerance for security breaches. We work hard to keep the properties under our security safe.

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