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Smart Security

Welcome to the future of security.

Reduce the Cost of Security Guards and upgrade your security services.

The Best way to save on security services.

Using the latest in electronic security equipment and AI-powered software, we provide complete automation and security coverage for your property at a fraction of the cost of employing security guards.

Pay Less than HALF of what you are paying today for security guards and benefit from a superior security service.

Security Costa Rica
Security Costa Rica

Fewer Expenses. More Efficiency. Better Security.

Avg saving on a 24hs security post is $3,200 x month or $38,400 USD per year. Just imagine what you could do with that extra cash.

To talk to one of our security experts, and get a free estimate, contact us today.

Security Costa Rica
Manage Expenses

How can you save more than 70% on your security services?

We replace your security guards with full property automation, remote control, and motorized security supervisor service.

STS deploys electronic security equipment, including advanced security cameras connected to an AI-powered monitoring center with high detection capabilities, monitored security alarm systems, entrance automation with best-in-class access control systems, intercommunication systems, and two-way speakers with complete coverage of your property. In addition, we have motorized personnel to assist with events and ensure you have redundancy in all systems to have continuous operations.

Our professional operators will operate and manage your property's security remotely, and in case of an emergency, dispatch a motorized security supervisor.

Security Costa Rica

Smart Security


Security Guards



Cost efficiency: you save more than 70% of your monthly invoice, and our service is 365 days a year, on. No extra costs, no accident

Secure: using the latest in AI-powered software and best-in-class electronic security equipment, we can secure more parts of your property for less money.

Safe. There is no direct risk to human life.

A large amount of verifiable data. Using security cameras, access control systems, and alarm systems, we provide you security with large amounts of data.

History can be searched quickly and in real-time. It is not corruptible and can be used as evidence.

Cloud Back up and redundancy. Information is stored in the cloud and is always available in real-time.

Full property coverage: multiple cameras provide data from all parts of the property simultaneously.

Multilayered Service: you benefit from an extra layer of protection, professional security operators, security supervisors, operational security management, and data backup.



Expensive, you need to pay for salaries, uniforms, equipment, vacation days, social security, insurance, sick days, holidays, training, hiring, and firing.

Security depends on a security guard that can sleep, get hurt, and divulge sensitive information. Security guards are usually paid a low wage which raises the risk of collaborating with the criminal's

Unsafe: security guards can get injured while doing their rounds or get into an accident on the way to work our home.

Data depends on a security guard. guard remembers, is not verifiable, and you can’t search the data history.

Information is usually written in a paper log, which is hard to use and provides little information that is corruptible and can be stolen.

Information is stored in a paper log, provides little data, and is difficult to find after the last paper log was taken out of use. It can be stolen.

Limited property coverage: Security guards can see only what is in their direct view.

One layer service, your security depends on the security guard.

Service Guarantee

We are confident in our service, guarantee your investment, and do not use restrictive contracts. If you are unhappy with our service, we will provide you with your money back, guaranteed.

Ready to make a move and switch to the latest security services? one of our security professionals will be happy to assist you with free consultation and estimates.

Security Costa Rica

You will benefit from State of the Art security technology for a low monthly fee.

We use the latest AI-powered video monitoring software to detect and deter all suspicious activity.
line crossings, loitering, security camera tampering, PTZ tracking and tour, system health issues, face recognition, license plates recognition, gender and age recognition, recognition of objects, detection of abandoned or missing items, absence or presence of medical masks or safety gear, counting of visitors and passengers, floor plans, integration with access control systems.
Security Costa Rica

We innovate


Transpassers don’t like to be watched and talked to while they try to break in. With the two-way speaker, 120db strong, we dissuade criminals before or during the crime by letting them know they are being watched and recorded and motorized response and police are on their way. This helps prevent 97% of crimes.

Don’t have a budget for electronic security? No problem

We can help you finance your project.

Our security account managers will guide you and provide you with a free estimate for reducing costs and replacing your guards. We have financing options to offset the initial investment. Your monthly savings will cover the cost of the equipment in a short period, and you will end up with upgraded electronic security equipment and will continue saving for years.

We can provide you with all your electronic security needs, automation of all types of access, video surveillance equipment, two-way speakers, and intercomunicators. We will design, install, and provide post-sale maintenance, routine system health checks, and daily security operation.

More reasons you need to consider switching to Smart Security.


Prepare your property for the change with the times. Security services are changing rapidly. With new technological capabilities, human resource needs have changed, from security guards to technicians to installers and supervisors. Switching to Smart Security ensures you are moving along with the industry and keeping your property safe and secure for optimum budgets.


Adjustable Security and Dynamic Security Budgets - with Smart Security, you can optimize your security budget. For example, low traffic during weekdays and high traffic during weekends, no worries, we can have a security guard attending to your guests during weekends when more on-site attention is needed, and have Smart Security cover your property during weekdays when there is less need for onsite security guard.


Want to cover your daytime shift with Smart Security and nighttime shift with a security guard? We can do that too. Our service is fully adjustable to your security needs, property traffic count, and operations.


Spend less on security and have a larger budget for other vital areas of your operation.

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