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Security for Vacation Rentals in Costa Rica

If you run an Airbnb, we can help protect your guests

STS provides security solutions to reduce the risk of theft from your Airbnb.

Eliminate Theft, Break-ins, and Crime in your vacation rental

Provide better Security for your guests

Are you wondering how you can better protect your guests?

STS has special security packages for vacation rentals, including:

  • Real-Time Video Monitoringwe watch your vacation rental 24/7. 
  • Control all your properties from one interface. Schedule check-ins, maintenance personnel, regular employees, and one-time contractors access plans. 
  • Control all of your doors, gates, and other accesses via Salto KS
  • Integrate 2-way-speakers so we can communicate and dissuade potential trespassers before they jump the fence and break in. 
  • Provide your guests CrSafe SmartPhone Application, so in case of emergency they can press a button and call for assistance during their vacation, when they are in the house, and when they are on tour. 
  • We provide your guests with motorized responses in available areas. 

Our professional monitoring operators can act on suspicious activity and assist in real time. 

Security Costa Rica
Security Costa Rica
Industry Solutions

Key Benefits for Airbnb and vacation rental owners

  • Significantly improve the security of your guests. 
  • Have the perimeter of your Airbnb or vacation rental covered with security cameras and monitored by us with Real-Time Video Monitoring.  
  • If you have security cameras, we can connect them to our video monitoring service. You don’t need to purchase new equipment. 
  • In case of suspicious activity, we will notify you and dispatch the police force. We will dispatch our supervisor in areas where a motorized response is available.
  • Access Control. Manage your doors and gates remotely. Change access rights on-the-go and send electronic keys from your home to your clients to open doors with their smartphones.
  • Maintain your good standing with Airbnb for having a safe property.
  • We have your back. Access-related data and video footage are available in real time. No more having to wait or look for missing critical information.
  • You can program your vacation rental access and main gates to eliminate unauthorized entry.
  • You can give one time access to employees and contractors only when they need to enter the property. 
  • Smart, keyless, and digital access for guests and staff. Enhanced guest experiences with simplified check-in/check-out.

We are happy to provide estimates for the properties you manage

please contact us, and one of our associates will get in touch with you shortly.

I own two vacation rental properties. We had three break-ins last year. Laptops, IPads, and camera equipment were lost. Since we started using STS Real-Time Video Monitoring, we have not been broken into. Our doors are controlled with Salto KS locks, and managing entry and exit for guests and our cleaning staff has never been easier. STS operators watch our gate and perimeter at night, providing security for our guests when they are out on their vacation activities or when they are asleep.

Josh R.

Josh R.
Security Costa Rica

What you can expect when working with STS Security

As a vacation rental owner, we will provide a dedicated electronic security and monitoring package to protect your guests.

  • Site visit and security plan for your property. 
  • Dynamic security schedule to fit your property-specific security needs.
  • Ongoing technical support.
  • Ongoing managerial support. 
  • Good communication with our team. 
  • Implementation plan for electronic security: If you already have systems in place, we can plug them into existing equipment or provide you with the electronic security equipment.
  • In case you need to purchase new electronic security equipment or upgrade current systems, we have financing plans.
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